Adult: Boomsday

ADULT REVIEW: Boomsday by Christopher Buckley (2007). This book is political satire–it’s House of Cards  meets The Onion. Cassandra Devine is a blogger who rages against the insolvency of social security, exasperated by the retiring baby boomers. Her solution (a 21st century take on “A Modest Proposal”) is to offer generous tax incentives to baby boomers who sign up for “voluntary transitioning” (euthanasia). Her proposal isn’t meant to be taken seriously–it’s meant to spark a debate about fixing social security. But in this ridiculous, page-turning dramedy, transitioning gains traction and becomes THE hot-button campaign issue. If you like the movie Thank You For Smoking (inspired by another Buckley novel), or the dark humor of author Kurt Vonnegut, or the satirical newspaper The Onion, then check it out!



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